New AHR posters for 2014!

Introverted Wife has created some new All Hallows Read posters for 2014. You can also download the previous years’ posters from the same page.


  1. Love the fact that this year’s poster don’t have the 31st October date on them so it makes them easier to use for the whole week running up to the 31st. Hope this continues.

  2. I’ve seen All Hallows Read with and without an apostrophe after the w in Hallows. Please clarify which is correct:

    All Hallow’s Read

    All Hallows Read


    • It’s “All Hallow’s Read” officially, but we’re not picky.


  1. All Hallow's Read & Happy Halloween! - The Midnight Society - […] can check out the All Hallow’s Read website for more information. You can check out the FAQ page for cleverly phrased…

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